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Pick through the nests of Corvus brachyrhynchos [common crow] or Pica hudsonia [magpie] and a lost treasure is yours—shiny, rich, discarded things

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I'm a playwright, theater producer, director, actor. I started an Equity small-house theater and produced/directed Sophocles's Philoctetes and Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea. Before then I'd directed Schiller's Mary Stuart. I wrote Alexander Hamilton with Schiller over my shoulder, and then a present-day comedy, Dance Bright Godsa true nest of shiny things, proudly claimed as my own. I'm writing a really big American modernist play now, apparently an adventure. No production credits, yet, but heythe winds are changing, and I hear the flutterings of newborn belief in big, gorgeous blank-stage plays, full of things wondrous and terrifying and comic and beautiful and heart-destroying. Cheers!


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