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In the Beginning...   Woman Created the Heavens and the Earth

This exuberant prequel to Eden has modern tendencies—testing what love may spring from our own, very human, impermanence. A large-scale romantic comedy set in LA, Dance Bright Gods sprawls out of doors in over thirty quick-cut, prop-set scenes, using eleven actors to play two dozen characters, on a stage that becomes sand dunes covered in sandmen drawn by a young god who doesn’t know how to bring one to life—Hollywood-set rotunda, now antiquities museum—downtown park where gin-soaked pressmen fight to save their dying newspaper—old turreted mansion housing a bed the size of the heavens—ranch in the canyons surrounded by wildfire—windswept roof of an LA skyscraper—new continent rising from the Western seas

The play has some gusto: a little song, a little tap-dance through the dunes, the unending contest between secular gods and divine mortals
puppetry of a wise and ancient fig tree made new again, and leaping of love-crazed human beings. No gods lowered at the end to solve everything, but rather the heroinethrough force of wit and love for her dying Beloveddeciphers and scripts her own regenerative comedy, coloring forever the coming Eden



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